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The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) is about protecting the future of the Motoring Enthusiast culture and the industry that it supports. The following links outline our Policy position in regards to issues that face Motoring Enthusiasts specifically and all motorists in general.

Road Safety

We support the enhanced education of drivers in all aspects of road safety, including personal responsibility, driving skills and habits, vehicle maintenance, and the right of every Australian to ‘survive the drive’.

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Driver Education

Statistics show that young drivers are over represented in road fatalities; it is time to teach them to ‘survive on our roads’. Statistics clearly indicate that the first 12 months of driving represents the highest risk; it is time to teach our younger drivers to become better drivers, to have more respect for vehicles, and more respect for the privilege of driving.

Research needs to be undertaken to establish a “best-practice” for teaching new drivers to survive on our roads – the big-stick approach is not working, we need new thinking.

Repeat offenders should be made to undertake specific driver education courses to ensure they are safe and responsible on our roads.

Better Roads

We are committed to improving national roads and highways. Often talked about and rarely actioned, the AMEP will commit to ensuring that fuel, registration and vehicle-associated taxes collected as a road-maintenance component are actually distributed to road funding with the focus on improving the standard of our national road system.

Whilst there are many factors that contribute to serious accidents on our roads, the condition of the road often goes unaddressed. We are committed to addressing this area

Vehicle Maintenance

More focus has to be placed on the safety and maintenance of our vehicles. Statistics show that a large number of cars on our roads are in an unroadworthy condition. In the interest of safety, drivers need to be educated about the importance of vehicle maintenance and the relationship between poor vehicle maintenance and road accidents.

We support harmonisation of road rules and vehicle modification policies. We believe that the legality of a motor vehicle and the road-rules adhered to whilst driving that vehicle should not vary from State to State. It is un-Australian to be penalised when crossing a State border simply because two States can’t agree on what is right.

Off-Road Vehicle Policy

The motoring enthusiast community consists of individuals and families that wish to use their motor vehicles in an off-road capacity on existing trails.  Off-road includes, but is not limited to Four Wheel Drives, All Wheel Drives, Off-Road Quads and Trail Bikes.

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) argues that this is a legitimate form of recreation, requiring safe, responsible, sustainable and equitable access to public land.  This access also needs to be balanced with the rights of other land users.

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