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  • 05 Jul 2016 8:28 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    Thank you to everyone who voted for the AMEP, and a special thank you to our Candidates and those who stood at polling booths handing out 'how to vote' cards.

    What a strange election it has been, and it will still be some time until the final results are known. The Government called a DD Election to get rid of the "feral" crossbench, and ain't karma a bitch - it appears they will end up with a more difficult crossbench than the one they dissolved.

    Unfortunately, it would appear the AMEP has lost it's seat, (along with most other crossbench senators); however, postal votes and preferences still have to be counted so anything is possible. Fingers crossed.

    We are proud of the efforts of our Candidates and those who stepped up to support them. It has been a team effort, and we have fought a gallant fight.

    They changed the rules to get rid of us, and despite the odds being against us, we put everything we could into campaigning.

    We brought integrity to politics and this is something we can all be proud of, regardless of the final result.  The election united our community again, and the support shown to the AMEP in the last couple of weeks has been encouraging.

    One thing for certain is that the fight will never end, it may transform and take on a different path, but it will never end.

    Motoring Enthusiasts and Proud...

  • 01 Jul 2016 9:31 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    The AMEP are extremely proud of the transformation of Ricky Muir from an everyday guy to Senator. We encourage everyone to watch this video, and to always stand up for what you believe in, regardless of the outcome.

    Motoring Enthusiasts and Proud...

  • 30 Jun 2016 8:47 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    Mandatory Repair Code of Practice

    This is a good example of the voice the AMEP and 
    Senator Ricky Muir has been to the Motoring Industry and to all motorists.

    The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) are a member of the Motoring Advisory Council (MAC) and have been working with the AMEP and the Senators Office to ensure the Aftermarket Industry is recognised and respected for it's value to the Australian economy.

    Help us to finish the job that we started... If you live in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia - VOTE 1 AMEP in the Senate on Saturday and tell everybody that you know to vote AMEP.

  • 29 Jun 2016 2:38 PM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    So, if “Speed Kills”, and “Every ‘K’ over is a killer” as the nanny state will have us believe, can someone please explain to me why the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory is not Australia’s “Road of Blood”?

    Until 2007, this, and other major highways in the Northern Territory, were ‘open’ speed limited. This meant that drivers were able to set their own speed limits, coupled with the responsibility of driving to the road conditions, safely and within their driving capabilities. But in 2007 the NT government was held to ransom by the federal government to get on board with their “Speed Kills” rhetoric and were made to introduce limits of 110k/h and 130k/h to main arterial roads being used to allow the majority of Territory traffic to get around.

    While this move was cloaked in a smokescreen of ‘road safety’, unfortunately for road users in the NT, this meant more lives lost in the next 6 years than that of the previous 6 when open speed limits applied. In the 6 years prior to the introduction of speed restrictions 292 people lost their lives on NT roads – most of which were not even on the major highways, and then 307 people lost their lives on the 6 years after. So, it would appear, that after approximately 8 years of this failed ‘experiment’ into following the nanny state agenda, the NT has decided to re-open the Stuart Highway, in sections, to ‘open’ speed limits once again.

    An NT Government spokesperson has been quoted in an online article from in August 2015 as saying “Over the past 10 years, there has not been a single speed-related fatality on this stretch of road.”

    This ‘anomaly’ in the world of “speed = death” that currently exists in Australia begs a number of questions to be asked?

    • Is there some merit to the argument that there is an optimum speed limit that maximises driver concentration, minimises distraction, yet maintains safety for road users?
    • Or is it simply that Territorians are better drivers at higher speeds than the rest of Australians?
    • Is there merit to allowing drivers to take personal responsibility for the way they use the roads to maximise their own safety and the safety of others?
    • Or is the NT government so efficient in its spending that it doesn’t require the revenue stream from speeding fines that other governments around Australia appear to be addicted to?
    • Is it simply that there are no road hazards in the NT, like there is in other regions of Australia, to allow people to regulate their own driving behaviour in this way?
    • Are there no caravans, road trains, bicycles, motorcycles or animals in the NT that can cause interference to a motorists’ passage?
    • Is the Stuart Highway a multi-lane road with multiple overtaking lanes where slower vehicles can pull off or allow vehicles to pass?
    • Is it possible, that with a greater emphasis on competency based, nationally consistent driver/rider education, and a far greater emphasis on personal responsibility on the road, we can break free from the ‘nanny state’ oppression that tells us we are all going to crash, it’s just a matter of minimising the impact, and enjoy the motoring experience in safety, after all?

    The answer to these, and many other questions in relation to the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ that is the open speed limits of the Northern Territory should be put to all state and territory governments, as well as the federal government – who’s job is to act in the best interests of Australian road users when it comes to effective life saving measures, as the evidence is before them, that ‘speed’ is not the enemy, and people are capable of self-regulation for the safety of themselves and others on our roads.

    Blog written by
    Judith Kuerschner
    Senate Candidate for South Australia
    Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

  • 24 Jun 2016 6:09 PM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    S.A Senate Candidate for the Motoring Enthusiast Party, Nathan Green visits High Performance Diesel at Edwardstown, South Australia.

    The Motoring Enthusiast Party values sensible legislation for the growth and prosperity of the Motoring Industry and Motoring Activities within Australia. Senate Candidate, Nathan Green is a local Adelaide representative for the party and an active motorsport participant and was very keen to visit the guys at High Performance Diesel and have a tour around the workshop.

    Business owner Dave Mitchell takes pride in explaining the growth that High Performance Diesel has experienced over the past 5 years. "We have outgrown our current space and recently set up an additional factory to meet demand. Just this week we have secured a third facility nearby which will allow us to grow at a faster rate to meet global demand for our expanding range of intercooler and performance upgrades for the SUV and 4X4 market."

    The company shifted from a motorsports focus some 5 years ago and intensified research and development in upgrades for the burgeoning diesel powered 4x4 and Sport Utility Vehicle Market.

    "Having robust, sensible and sustainable legislation surrounding vehicle regulations as well as the regulatory impacts that small to medium manufacturing enterprise have to deal with every day is very important to us and our ability to compete in the global marketplace" Says Dave.

    The company exports to all corners of the globe and is enjoying good growth in the current economic environment, mainly due to the technologically advanced nature of the products and the attractive exchange rate.

    As the market leader in High Performance Diesel upgrades in Australia, HPD is continually forging ahead with its ever expanding range of high quality products.

    For more information on High Performance Diesel and their range of products, visit

  • 24 Jun 2016 12:30 PM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    Judith saw her husband die in front of her in a tragic motorcycle crash. Now this brave woman is running for the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party with a message about ‪#‎speedcameras‬‪#‎roadsafety‬and ‪#‎drivereducation‬

    Want to know more about Judith Kuerschner checkout out our Senate Candidate page.

  • 23 Jun 2016 11:05 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    The campaign trail shifted up a gear this week with Ricky taking on Derryn Hinch in a debate on Radio 3AW and smashing it, and we got to know NSW Senate Candidate Rob Bryden a little better with his personal video about the urgent need for reform around vehicle standards.  Well done to both Ricky and Rob and the Teams supporting them.

    Checkout these videos 

    Senate Candidates, Nathan Green and Judith Kuerschner have been rallying the troops in South Australia and have plastered the State with AMEP Corflute Signs. They are running a strong grassroots campaign and there is plenty of support for AMEP in SA. This week both Nathan and Judith are taking part in a meet the Candidates public forum at the Adelaide Town Hall. 

    Want to know more about our Senate Candidates, click here.

    With the countdown on until Election Day, we are asking all motoring enthusiasts to spread the word... VOTE #1 AMEP in the Senate and as many other minor parties as you can - all above the line.

    If you would like to be a part of the team on election day, let us know.

  • 09 Jun 2016 10:53 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    Two separate federal government reviews have recommended that, with appropriate structures in place, Australian citizens should be permitted to freely import used vehicles from overseas for their own use. Both reviews made the suggestion that any used vehicle up to the age of 5 years old should be considered eligible.  Why is the Government still afraid to discuss this?

    Kristian Appelt from Iron Chef Imports is a proud member of the AMEP and the MAC, and continues to be a voice of reason regarding this important issue.

    Checkout his latest article...

  • 18 May 2016 5:43 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    The AMEP and our Motoring Advisory Council support the call by the AAA Keep Australia Moving Campaign. The major parties have avoided the issue long enough and our economy is paying the $16.5bn congestion price and the $27bn road trauma cost each year while they continue to play kiss chase with the Greens.

    We call for a commitment to allocating at least 80% of annual motorist generated tax revenue to roads and public transport schemes available to projects that can maintain, expand, improve the quality of or improve the efficiency of our transport networks.

    In the country areas it's as simple as funding to maintenance and safety improvements in most cases. Our April 2015 submission to the Senate Review into Aspects of Road Safety highlighted that Councils are responsible for 80% of Australia's road network which accounts for around 50% of the annual crashes. Green field development adds around 1% nationally to that network every year. Over 20 years thats 20% more to manage and ratepayers are feeling the pinch already. Councils need more funding support in this area to claw back the infrastructure debt.

    In our cities, we need innovative ways to ease congestion while also making our public transport networks fit for the future. Mega projects quickly stall smaller projects as they soak all the money to one problem. We need to spend wisely prioritising those with proven benefits.

    Neither is possible if the money raised is directed to other areas. Back in April 2014 the AMEP asserted this to government with our submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry in Infrastructure. We also attempted to highlight this before Tony Abbott ignored our calls bypassing the senate on the fuel excise issue in a display of total ignorance and arrogance.

    For far too long prior governments have pushed the majority of road taxes into the general revue bucket while allowing our transport networks to deteriorate. Smoke an mirrors keeping the public at bay while the budget hid the truth the public can plainly see on our transport networks today.

    Labor, Liberal, Nationals and particularly the Greens have allowed the debate to spin in ongoing circles. One calls for road taxes to go to roads, then the Greens say it should go to public transport. It's time to stop the spin.

    It's a pointless bickering that can be solved by directing the majority to both. A roads and public transport funding bucket. Buses, taxis, light rail and trams are all heavily reliant on road infrastructure so it's a pointless argument. Passenger trains take pressure off them. The problem, like the solution is one and the same.

    Australia deserves better than waves of mass funding and dry spells. We deserve a commitment to a consistent pipeline of projects, maintenance and funding that can generate a sustainable construction industry as we work together to break down those decades of neglect.

  • 11 May 2016 8:30 AM | Sharyn Littler (Administrator)

    AMEP have been building our Teams over the past several months in anticipation of a double dissolution election being called for 2 July. 

    Both houses of Government were dissolved at 9am on Monday 9 March, 2016. This means for the AMEP that Ricky will only serve two of his six year term, and that he now has to re-contest his seat.

    We are inviting every AMEP Member to play a part in the upcoming election.

    Whether it is getting involved on election day, making a donation to help pay for campaign costs, or helping us rally the troops and spread the word, your help is needed. 

    It is make or break time for the AMEP and the Senators Office. 

    At this stage we anticipate running in three States; Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, depending on funds raised.   A Bare bones campaign is $6000-$7000 per state, so we need to raise $20,000 to run in three States. 

    We have started a fundraising campaign and ask for your help by making a donation, either big or small, and sharing the link.


    Make a donation to our Fundraiser…


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