Senate Commitments and Policy Formation

Our role in the Senate will primarily be to review proposed legislation, which is passed in the lower house. This legislation will be based on the policies of the party which introduced it. In this respect it is not necessary for us to have our own set of policies but rather we have criteria by which we will assess legislation and test it against our own core values and position on various issues.

We do however have the ability to introduce a Private Senators Bill and due to this we have developed a set of policies specific to the issues of Motoring Enthusiasts. We have also developed a set of statements or positions that reflect our core values in regards to certain areas. 

When legislation is proposed we will use the following guidelines to review it.

  1. We seek to support balanced legislation and will test that legislation against our core values. We will work to moderate extreme legislation through negotiation and by the introduction of amendments to the proposed legislation.  If these methods will not allow for the extremist elements of the proposed legislation to be removed then we will seek to vote against that legislation.
  2. We seek to promote Unity and Respect within Australia, Politics and the local community as well as within the Motoring Enthusiast Community. We will not support legislation or public debate that is divisive or disrespectful. The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party membership is made up of a very diverse range of average Australian families, united around a passion for Motoring Enthusiast pursuits. We need to be mindful of this diversity in everything we do.
  3. We will not accept proposed legislation that places the Australian Family Lifestyle at risk. This includes the average Australian family’s right to modify and restore vehicles based upon their own freedom of expression; we do expect these restorations and modifications to be safe. We also support the average Australian family’s right to participate in activities on public land.  We support activities that are safe, responsible and sustainable, such as Four Wheel Driving, Camping, Fishing and other recreational pursuits.
  4. We will promote personal responsibility and consequence of individual action. Our emphasis is on community education to allow the law abiding majority to do the right thing and focus enforcement activities on the minority who willingly choose to break the law.
  5. We will not support proposed legislation that:
    • Further marginalises; disadvantages; isolates; or erodes the rights or way of life of the Motoring Enthusiast community or other groups.
    • Is an extremist policy.
    • Hurts the Australian way of life or penalises the law abiding for the sake of the irresponsible minority, thus making life harder for average Australian families or takes away the right to a “fair go”.
    • Damages the country financially or creates unnecessary sovereign risk.
    • Is policy that should be taken to an election or referendum.
    • Goes against advice from industry or experts in the field.
    • Is policy that the Party and Australian community strongly object to.

The AMEP is a Senate only independent party. We value our independence and keep an open mind on proposed legislation that enters the Senate for review. We will not agree to resolutions or motions in the Senate that reduces the effectiveness of the role of the Senate in Australia’s political system. 

Learn more about the Senate here.

Policy and Position Statements

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) is about protecting the future of the Motoring Enthusiast culture and the industry that it supports. The following links outline our Policy position in regards to issues that face Motoring Enthusiasts specifically and the wider community in general.

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