Where do your preferences go?


Preference Deals have now been finalised and submitted. 

The most repeated question since the AMEP first launched: “Where are your preferences going?” We have answered previously and our answer today is still consistent. We have preferenced in the best interests of the AMEP, its members, and the Motoring Enthusiast community. 

The burning question is which party overall have we preferenced, Labor or Liberal? The answer is simple. Neither. Our strategy regarding preferences was to work with like-minded minor parties and to put the Majors last.  We have also lodged multiple group voting tickets, which allowed us to split the preference evenly between Labor and Liberal. A vote for the AMEP is a vote for the AMEP not for Labor or Liberal. They may get the vote eventually, but neither will gain an advantage from us.   

If that is what you really wanted to know, there’s your answer. If you want to know more about our strategy, read on. 

Our strategy was simple in theory, but extremely difficult in practice. Essentially you have 55 groups all wanting the top spot on our preference list, and AMEP wanting the top spot on theirs to improve our chances of gaining seats. Of course this is not going to happen, so whilst some deals are very good and will give us a strategic advantage, they may appear to be somewhat compromising. Naturally we are not going to please everyone, we know that; we represent a community as diverse as the vehicles we ride or drive. We were never going to be able to negotiate preferences that would keep every single person happy. 

It’s not really about who we preferenced, but more why we have. The process is about requiring 14% of the total vote in each state to ensure we get a seat in the Senate. The only way we are going to achieve this is to preference strategically and with integrity. By doing deals with smaller parties for high preference positions we increase our chances of staying in the count when they are eliminated; their preferences to us increase our position and allow us to gain strength against the remaining parties in the count. For this reason you will see some parties high on our preference list that probably have nothing to do with Motoring Enthusiasts. That is part of the strategy i.e. they get knocked out before us, we pick up their votes, on we go to the next target. This will continue until we pick up 14% of the total vote (at which point we have a seat), or until we are eliminated from the count. 

Reality is, most of the Senate seats will go to Labor or Liberal and perhaps a couple to Greens with a small remainder going to parties like the AMEP. In our overall strategy, we have preferenced the radical extremist parties last, Greens second last and via multiple Group Voting Tickets have split the votes equally between Labor and Liberal at third last; the other (up to 50) parties are preferenced after the AMEP and before the majors in a deliberate attempt to bring balance to the Senate through minor party representation. Why a split for the majors? We believe that this is fairest deal for Motoring Enthusiasts - If we don’t get the 14% we need and other minor parties are unsuccessful, our preferences will split evenly between the majors so basically, we are not preferencing either of them. 

In the process we have also rewarded those few who have actively campaigned for the rights and benefits of Motoring Enthusiasts; we believe these people should be rewarded as they have already brought about some positive change. - that proves to us that they are fair dinkum Motoring Enthusiasts themselves, and if we don’t ultimately win a Senate seat, we should at least help them. Having mates in high places is second only to be being there ourselves, and we made this position clear at our AGM. 

So there you have it, our strategy in a nutshell; preference to win, and preference to reward those who will look after us if we don’t.

Please remember, though, despite which party the AMEP has preferenced, you all have the option of determining your own preferences by voting below the line… its your right. 

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